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Wideye carparking lens. As featured on Saga 106.6fm and Caravan Club Magazine

Once familiar with Wideye, it will help you reverse and park without turning around, even at night.

Use Wideye to avoid hidden objects, judge distances better and take out the chore of parking in tight spaces. Supplied with an adhesive clip and full instructions.



Wideye lens: actual size 165 x 120mm.

Actual lens is transparent and has only a very slight green tint.

Also available in clear polycarbonate
(both work equally well)

Wideye Lens New recession beating price! Buy it now!

£8.49 + VAT posted

Questions on WIDEYE or WIDEYE CARAVAN COUPLING AID? email enquiries ONLY (include your car and towed vehicle details) wideye@ukopticalplastics.com