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Projects and Clients List

Our Record of Design and Development for Major Companies

Queen Mary College, London: Design of a reflecting objective.

Crosfield Electronics: Design and development of reprographic printing systems.

Philips Components (U.K.): Development of P.I.R. sensors and lens arrays.

Philips Components (Holland): Design of a L.C.T.V. backlight.

Kube Electronics (Switzerland): Design of a novel light switch lens.

Microsense Systems: Design of a traffic control lens.

Glasdon U.K.: Design of a motorway hazard beacon.

Menvier Electronics: Design of an award winning emergency light (luminaire).

Renault formula 1: supply of a special optical window.

Chelgraph Ltd: Optical development of a compact image setter.

Westwind Systems: Design of a wide-format C.T.P image setter.

C.R.L.: Development of image-bar (L.C.D.) image setter, optical correlator Development.

Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd: Optics for line of sight fire detection system.

Pilkington Vision Care: Development and metrology of diffractive contact lenses.

Ocular Sciences: Contact lens metrology.

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