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New car safety lens helps drivers reverse and see hidden objects

Ceiling Mounted P.I.R Lens

UK Optical Plastics - Our aim

Our aim to to offer extensive optical expertise and tooling
needed to make your project a success.
Think of us as part of your Optical Design team.

Specialists in:

Exciting new designs & projects

  • Highly collimated illuminator for a white light hologram
  • Satellite optics design for a leading UK University
  • Eye testing instrument for a London based University
  • High level motion sensor for car parks
  • Optics design and development for remote meter monitor
  • Optics for door entry systems for the sight impaired
  • Miners LED illumination optic
  • Domestic fire alarm beacon optics

Latest News

Latest custom designs for major clients (or why incorporate optics in your product that your competitors use)?

Round plastic optical device
Custom bubble optic design
Meets specific illumination distribution targets
Round plastic optical device
High efficiency mini-PIR
Compact, highly efficient lens array for motion sensing

Our areas of expertise are not limited to:

Optical design, Custom optical design, Optical system design, Design of plastic optics and systems, Opto-mechanical system design, Design of custom infrared lenses, Custom design of infrared lenses, Laser scanner design, Lighting design, Illumination design, Design of fresnel lens arrays, Optical production, Optical troubleshooting, Microscope design, Optical instrument design, Laser system, Optical test jigs, Optical metrology, Optical detection systems, Motion sensors, Automatic lighting and design
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